Top Aviation Artifact Preservers in Canada

The History of Canadian aviation and aircraft starts way back since the first World War when Canadians flew aircraft for the British Air Force. Now there are various museums spread across Canada to witness some of the most astonishingly preserved artifacts, aircraft, engines, and weapons that were used.

This article showcases the most renowned preservers of this historic aircraft and equipment that has been used since the first World War.

Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum

The Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum is seen as one of the most popular places to visit when wanting to witness aviation artifacts that are preserved to their original condition and beyond.

The museum was founded in 1972 and now stands as a non-profit organization that aims to acquire, document, and most importantly, preserve and maintain a complete collection of aircraft which were flown by Canadians from the beginning of WW2. The museum and preservation center is located in Mount Hope, Ontario, Canada.

Atlantic Canada Aviation Museum

The Atlantic Canada Aviation Museum is situated in Goff’s, Nova Scotia, Canada. The museum opened its doors in 1985 and has stood the test of time by being a well-kept museum displaying some of the most important and historical aviation artifacts in Canada’s history.

This museum is dedicated to being the destination where the history of Canadian aviation takes flight with detailed information being provided on every visit and the aircraft artifacts being in top-notch, original condition for all visitors to witness the real deal. They have a large collection of aircraft, artifacts, weaponry, and engines on display.

They take pride in keeping all their equipment in the best condition for enthusiasts and aviation fans to witness the real history of the equipment. Every engine, aircraft, and weapon is seen in its most original form and represents the same functionality as its date of manufacturing.

Canada Aviation and Space Museum

The Canada Aviation and Space Museum is located on a former military airbase in Susses Drive, Ottawa. The museum has a dedicated focus on aviation in Canada within an international context, starting from its beginning in 1909.

The contribution to aviation from Canada has expanded into aerospace technology in recent years and consists out of a collection and mandate that grew to include space flight. The museum has over 130 aircraft and artifacts such as propellers and engines from both civil and military services. They focus largely on Canada’s dedication to preserving the aviation artifacts and spreading historical facts around the country’s beginnings in aviation.

The Canadian Museum of Flight

The Canadian Museum of Flight is a non-profit museum dedicated to preserving and restoring Canada’s rich aviation heritage. Both the museum and the preservation center are open throughout the year for visitors to come and witness some of the histories behind the country’s aviation success.

Visit any of the museums on this list to witness some of the most well-preserved artifacts and aircraft from Canada’s aviation history.


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