The Future of Gambling on Commercial Air flights

The airline industry has tried numerous times to incorporate the use of online and physical gambling as a means of entertainment on long-distance flights. The efforts made have unfortunately been unacknowledged due to various laws and other difficulties, causing the industry to keep failing at the possibility of incorporating any form of gambling.

Thinking about the possibility of playing high-quality games from online casinos such as Duelz Casino makes us wonder when the possibility will start to seem more realistic and when it will become a reality.

Why it Hasn’t Been Possible

The governing laws of commercial aviation and airlines are extremely complex and are not acting favourably towards gambling on flights. Commercial flights are governed by the laws of the country over which they are flying at present and not the country where the plane is registered.

This makes it difficult to enforce laws that will be able to allow commercial airlines to offer gambling entertainment on their flights. As one country or state may be pro-gambling, another may not be.

Previous Efforts

Although it’s not well-known that there have been casino airplanes, there have been tries. Both Swiss Air and Singapore Airlines have tried incorporating gambling into their flights through the 80s and 90s. These tries proved to be disastrous with the casino equipment not being functional on aircraft.

Yet, in today’s world, casino and gambling equipment are much leaner and have much less weight than back in the 80s. Today the problem still lies with aircrafts not being able to allow network or Wi-Fi connections onboard.

Technological advancements for safer connections and networks will be able to assist the industry in providing gambling entertainment.

With the online casino industry being one of the most technologically innovative industries in the world, the chances are good that there will be online gambling entertainment available onboard flights soon.


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