VIMY FLIGHT Magazine stands as an informative reading destination for learning more about Canada’s rich history with aircraft and aviation. Other than being home to various museums and other preservation efforts of aircraft artifacts from World War 1 and other historical periods, the country is still passionate about the aviation industry.

Especially throughout World War 1, Canada proved to be dedicated to air force services and was part of a variety of British flying services, including the Royal Flying Corps, Royal Naval Air Service, and the Royal Air Force.

As a Magazine about aviation and its role in Canada, you can be sure to stay up to date on all the latest aviation news as well as to revisit historical moments in Canadian aviation history from World War 1.

Upcoming Events and Activities

Throughout Canada, there are various events and activities based on aviation and aircraft hobbies with a focus on the rich history of the country with aviation and its passion for preserving some of the most important aircraft artifacts from WW1.

We supply an informative outlook on all the upcoming events and activities to take part in throughout Canada involving aircraft and aviation. These events draw people from across the world to witness some of THE most historically well-known pieces in museums. With known and knowledgeable speakers informing enthusiasts about the rich history of Canada and aviation in WW1, you may meet well-known figures in the aviation industry.

Aviation History

Due to many pilots being trained throughout WW1 in Britain, Germany, and France, Canadians travelled around the world to take part in joining Air Forces. The Canadian government never trusted airplanes at the beginning of the invention of aircraft but quickly became involved with aviation in WW1.

Other than WW1, Canada was the first country to man a balloon flight in Sai t John, New Brunswick, and went on to deliver many experimental phases in aircraft warfare and technology. We provide facts and interesting overviews on historical moments in Canadian aviation and the country’s role in flying aircraft during WW1.

Aircraft Artifact Preservation

Due to Canadian’s involvement in previous aircraft warfare’s especially in WW1, there are various museums and centers dedicated to preserving Canadian aircraft artifacts. With love, passion, and dedication to keeping the artifacts original, you can witness some of the most historically valuable pieces when visiting aircraft and aviation museums in Canada.

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